How to Care for Bamboo Straws

So now that you’ve bought your bamboo straws and used them, how should you wash them? Are they dish washer safe? What if I left them in a drink for too long? Is that even a thing? We are here to answer all your questions about how to effectively care for your bamboo straws to maintain their integrity for as long as possible! Although this is what we specifically advise for IBambo straws, they can be applied to many different bamboo straw brands as well. Remember that just like anything, how long they last is based on how well you maintain them!

First Use
Since our straws are made from whole bamboo stalks – not compressed, there might be some residual shavings in the box or straw – just give them a quick rinse under the sink to get rid of them before using in a drink! Super Simple!

Every Use
We recommend that after every use, whether you’ve used it for a smoothie, water, a cocktail, anything – that you give it a good rinse under the sink. Make sure to hold the straw vertically under the water so it can rinse through the inside of the straw. Run the straw brush up and down through the straw a few times and rinse again and that’s it! Just let your straw air dry on the side until you need it again. If you’re drinking a stickier or thicker drink, you can use a drop or two of dish soap and just make sure it is all rinsed out.

You can also run your straws in your average dishwasher – just be sure to have some sort of basket where the straws don’t fall through! Make sure that after it is washed, that you leave the straws out to dry completely! And not to store them in any airtight or closed containers until they are completely dry. You can tell when their original color turns back to its original light, bamboo color.

If you have problems with stronger drinks leaving an aftertaste, we suggest hot water and scrubbing with the straw cleaner to remove the taste! This may happen with alcohol, coffee, or if they have been sitting in a drink for very long.

Deeper Clean
After using your straws for a few weeks, we recommend doing a deeper wash, either by soaking them in boiling hot vinegar water solution, or by shaking them in a jar of soapy water. Vinegar is a very natural disinfectant, coupled with boiling water should remove all traces of food or germs that could be stuck in the straws. Bamboo is actually naturally antibacterial and antifungal, which makes it the best material for using with food. We recommend using a shallow pan and heating up just enough water to cover the straws completely, then adding a few tablespoons of vinegar in and letting it boil for 30 seconds – 2 minutes. Because our straws are uncoated and all natural, boiling them will not harm the integrity of the straws. Pour the boiling vinegar water out, then rinse a few times under cold water until there is no vinegar odor and let air dry. They should be good as new!

Time for A New Set
Since bamboo products are made to decompose eventually, we recommend changing them out after a year or two – depending on how often you’ve used them. To properly dispose of them, find a local compost bin to throw them in – if you can’t, don’t worry – they will naturally decompose in garbage within 4-6 months – much shorter than it takes any other straw to! You can also repurpose old straws into different crafts, such as coasters, homemade frames, and gardening stakes! Got any other ways to use them? Let us know!

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